Fig Galette

When I am asked to choose whether I like cake or pie better, my answer will be neither.

The galatte is is my round, shareable desert of choice. They are so versatile-sweet and savory are equally as fantastic.

Today I am sharing with you a fig galette. Figs are sweet, fresh and gorgeous fruits that step any recipe up to the next level (in my humble opinion).

The secret to success in any galette is in the crust. I have tried many different crusts, but have found the most luck with this recipe from Cooking Light. Follow the directions for the crust carefully and meticulously.

What you need:

1 cup all purpose flour
4 1/2 T almond meal
2 T sugar, divided
3/8 t salt
7 T cold unsalted butter, cubed
3 T canola oil
3 T ice water
1 pound fresh or thawed Black Mission or Brown Turkey figs, stemmed and quartered lengthwise
2 t lemon juice
1 T sliced almonds, toasted
  1. Spoon flour into a measuring cup; level with a knife. Place flour, almond meal, 1 tablespoon sugar, and salt in a food processor; pulse to combine. Scatter butter into processor; pulse until mixture resembles coarse meal. Drizzle in oil; pulse to combine. Add ice water; pulse just until combined.
  2. Turn mixture out onto a sheet of plastic wrap; pat into a disk. Wrap in plastic wrap; refrigerate 1 hour.
  3. Preheat oven to 400°.
  4. Place figs in a large bowl. Sprinkle with remaining 1 tablespoon sugar and lemon juice; toss gently to combine.
  5.  Unwrap dough. Roll dough on plastic wrap into a 12-inch circle. Arrange dough on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Spoon figs onto dough, leaving a 2-inch border. Fold edges of dough over filling to partially cover. Bake at 400° for 35 minutes or until fruit juices bubble and crust is browned. Remove from oven; sprinkle with almonds. Cut into 10 wedges.

Recipe adapted from Cooking Light


Here’s how mine came out!

FullSizeRender (9)


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